Our Mandarin Chinese program for children is truly excellent. Your kids will love our teaching style, designed from the ground up to incorporate all four elements of the Chinese language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

We understand that each child is different, and we always strive to ensure that learning is appropriate both for the age of the child and for the child’s own unique needs. Our classes are taught in a diverse, interactive and engaging way, and we only hire teachers who have proven experience in ensuring every student feels confident in their learning. Naturally, we personalize our classes to focus our attention on subject areas that your kids feel less confident in. For example, they might feel strong in their writing of Chinese characters, but less comfortable speaking them. To test their abilities, we assess each child individually, and develop lesson plans appropriate to each area your child may need additional support in.

Children are natural language-learners: studies show that they can master alternative languages faster than their adult peers. Your kids will love our online Chinese language courses, designed to be practical, individualized, and above all, fun!

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