Of course, all teachers are certified Chinese teachers and achieved Bachelor’s Degree or higher in either Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language or in Linguistics. Each teacher also has least 3 years of experience in Chinese language education.

Even though this is a rare occurrence, if you do not feel comfortable with your teacher due to reasonable grounds, he/she will be replaced with another tutor.

The duration of the lessons can vary according to students’ attention span and age group. Lessons start from 30 minutes and can last up to 2 hours.

You need a stable internet connection, and Skype or ZOOM installed on your computer, which is free to download.

No, BingoChinese provides all necessary learning material for all the courses.

Your teacher is required to wait 15 minutes from the start time of the class for you to connect. If, after 15 minutes, you have not connected to Skype or ZOOM to start the class, your teacher will treat the class as having been taken (charging you in full).

  • Yes. You can cancel a scheduled class at any time. But please note that if you cancel a class before 12 hours, it is free to cancel. However, if you cancel a class within 12 hours, you will be charged in full to compensate teacher’s time. 

Yes, your kids can do lessons together. It works best if they your children are at the same Chinese language level and they enjoy being together. 

BingoChinese is great for shy children. It gives them a chance to practice speaking in a private, comfortable setting with a supportive and encouraging tutor. Our tutors are great at connecting with kids and making them feel comfortable. Many parents tell us that after a few lessons with BingoChinese their child is often more confident speaking their second language at school or with relatives.

For some children it can take a few lessons for them to warm up, and at first, they may do more listening than speaking. This is natural, and there is still a lot of learning going on as your child absorbs what the tutor is saying.

We think the BingoChinese experience will feel pretty different to your child than most other foreign language learning experiences. Our tutors are experts at engaging children’s interests with topics they care about. Whether your child has a passion for cats or the best World Cup soccer moments, we’ve found most kids become motivated to express their point of view when it’s something they care about.